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The Accident

The Accident - Chris Pavone



By Chris Pavone 

ISBN-10: 0804165971 

ISBN-13: 978-0804165976

Format:  Audio

Publisher:  Random House Audio

Publication Date: March 11, 2014

My Rating:  3.5 Stars 



THE ACCIDENT by Chris Pavone, is a fast paced and a dangerous ride, within the world of a big time publishing company, a mysterious manuscript, politics, ruthless business, the CIA and a suspenseful murder mystery. 

I listened to the audiobook, narrated by Mozhan Marno--definitely kept me alert while driving. However, with all the characters in different locations and back stories, I found myself rewinding if I missed a part. This was my first book by Pavone (as have heard about his earlier book, THE EXPATS, which I have not read --look forward to reading).

The novel alternates between a variety of desperate characters, in the film and publishing business as well as politics, with many power plays and some surprises (no spoilers). An action packed novel about betrayals at all levels and the suspense takes place in 24 hours. 

The Accident is about an anonymous author who is living in shadows in Copenhagen, trying to atone for a lifetime's worth of lies and betrayals by attempting to get his book published.

Isabel Reed, located in NYC and one of the most powerful literary agents--reads an anonymous dark manuscript, (a biography of a media mogul, a potential blockbuster, and people will die if word of its existence leaks). 

Full of shocking and disturbing truths, holding long buried secrets which would prove a high profile case compromising national security, government agencies, as well as secrets from her past. As the novel progresses, a cast of powerful characters, with flash backs from a number of different locations from Copenhagen, Zurich, Manhattan, Hamptons, to Hollywood. 

The lives collide between Zurich, the mysterious author, Gray- veteran CIA, and Isabelle --attempting to keep the manuscript low key, trying to find a way to publish with many obstacles along the way, sex and betrayal, including those who want to ensure the book never gets published, and those greedy enough to think they can claim their fame.


As the book is closer to publication, everyone is at risk and danger of losing for an engaging and suspenseful thriller. 

Sounds as though Chris is a talented clever writer, having worked in the business with a sophisticated flair in the high profile publishing business – look forward reading more. 

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/905160650