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Forty Acres: A Novel

Forty Acres: A Thriller - Dwayne Alexander Smith

 By Dwayne Alexander Smith

ISBN: 9781476730530

Publisher: Atria Books

Publication date: 7/1/2014

Pages: 384

Format: e-book

My Rating:  5 Stars +++


One word . . . . EPIC!  A “deal with the devil” has never been so evil!  FORTY ACRES was the most intense thriller --thought-provoking, and gripping debut novel (my pulse is still racing) - full of power and revenge.


FORTY ACRES has my vote for “Debut Novel of 2014” – a talented author, Dwayne Alexander Smith – has just won me over as a “fan for life.”


Amazing writing, brilliantly developed characters, well researched, and an astounding storyline. There is so much depth to this THRILLER, as so want to discuss, debate, and challenge the “what if’s” (as I booked marked something from every chapter); however, this is one of those “ONE in a million books” you dare not say a word to spoil, or hint of anything within a review, to give away the suspense for the readers.  From controversial issues of race and power, hatred, wealth, love, trust, betrayal, and secrets - it has it all.


Whereas, “Devil’s Advocate” raised the preposition that “winning is everything”, FORTY ACRES is about “revenge and power.”  Several similarities –both had smart intuitive wives, devil/master, and both main characters are attorneys who get sucked into a world of mystery, power, and wealth.  (Of course, I liked Forty Acres much better as on a larger scope, and totally in a “class by itself”)  A WINNER out of the gate!  


FORTY ACRES deserves an unveiling, with no hints of any sort as each and every page is just too BLOODY GOOD.   You feel yourself experiencing every setting, footstep, movement and facial expression, trying to predict the next move, with details so realistic, you are holding your breath, as you swish to the next page to see what lies ahead.   


Martin, black attorney and main character totally ROCKS, and so fell in love with him – brilliant strategies, witty one liners, and oh the dedication of the book by the author was PRICELESS.


As the author is a screenplay writer, I can envision a movie based on this predicted best seller, with a cast of stars (I want a front row seat) for a total blockbuster. With a surprise at the end – one can only hope for a series to follow. “I guess, my heart can get back to normal until his next book” . . . Here’s hoping it is soon!


This provocative new novel is most deserving of a 5 STAR ++.  Compliments to the author and publisher for an appealing front cover and overview, which drew me in immediately, and exceeded all my expectations. 


When you see praise from authors,  David Baldacci and Terri McMillan (top favorite authors) for this new novel - you know to grab it!  


A special thank you, to Atria Books and NetGalley for a complimentary ARC, (coming July 1, 2014) in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. 

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/897673845