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Necessary Lies

Necessary Lies - Diane Chamberlain


By: Diane Chamberlain 

ISBN-13: 9781250010698

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Publication date: 9/3/2013

Pages: 352

My Rating:  5 Stars 


I received an advance reading copy of Necessary Lies and could not wait to dive in and stayed up all night and finished this morning!


An extraordinary and inspirational novel-cannot stop thinking about it----Diane did an outstanding job with a complex topic and her excellent research skills were definitely reflective throughout the book with careful plot planning and storytelling. Her best work thus far!



From the character development (loved Jane/Ivy), the dialect, insight, the setting – she nailed it! A beautiful story of loss, love, struggles, difficult choices, and redemption (loved the ending). I could very much relate being from the rural south (NC) in the sixties.


Diane offers an insight as to the difficult choices and a close-up of how minors, sometimes with little control over certain circumstances--with the feeling of no way out of their environment in order to change the vicious cycle. Combine this with others having the power to make choices for them without thinking of their future or their best interests. (It was amazing how much control social workers had over situations during this era.)


Hats off to the tenacious professionals who “cross the lines” and take a chance for the welfare of their clients and their futures. Set in rural Grace County, North Carolina in a time of state-mandated sterilizations and racial tension,


Necessary Lies tells the story of these two young women, seemingly worlds apart, but both haunted by tragedy. A Must Read! I look forward to the e-book The First Lie as well.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/edit/17286747