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Results May Vary

Results May Vary: A Novel - Bethany Chase
ISBN: 9780804179447
Publisher: Random House
Publication Date:  8/9/2016
Format: Paperback
My Rating:  4 Stars


A special thank you to Random House and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Bethany Chase returns following her debut, One That Got Away (2015) with a strong follow-up, RESULTS MAY VARY - a novel of emotions, love, loss, pain, betrayal, trust, and forgiveness.

Caroline is married to Adam, her high school sweetheart. A museum curator, a happy life, and a beautiful home in the Berkshires.

He was only twenty-five years old, gay Patrick Timothy Rubinowitz, the toast of the New York art scene. He was being hailed as the next Mapplethorpe; in the year or so since he’d started coming to people’s attention, he been universally anointed by everybody who mattered as photography’s next Big Thing.

Critics fawned over his impeccable classical technique, the richness of light in his images, the depth of contrast and range of tone he coaxed from his film. And of course, the beauty of his compositions.

Caroline takes a look at some of Patrick’s other photography work from Alicia. A little risque for the museum but powerful. A secret stash. Two guys together. Making love. A little blob of a birthmark. Then it hits her. Shocking- it is her husband in the photo.

One thousand times or more over sixteen years they had made love. From their senior year of high school. They were in love. How could he? This was uncharted territory. How could she have missed the signs? She thought her marriage was perfect? As soon as she slept and opened her eyes, the pain and reality would still be there. This was only the beginning.

Adam loved her, but declared himself incapable of illuminating his reason for betraying the love she had given him for more than half their lifetime. He wanted her forgiveness. Can she ever trust him again?

Her best friend Jonathan is there for her. Her sister, Ruby wants to visit. She has to explain her husband had an affair with a man. Had she been so absorbed in her own life she had been missing out on everyone else’s.

Breaking up with Adam did not only mean removing herself from a source of pain; it meant removing herself from a deep seated joy. Losing him. Does she really know the man she married?

With twists and surprises, Carolina also discovers her husband is also keeping more secrets, he has not shared with her. Can the marriage be saved, or is it time to move on with a new life. Rediscovery? "From we, to I."

With each chapter the author leads with a thought-provoking wise quote. Chase explores marriage and relationships with honesty and compassion, with difficult and realistic choices, challenges- sprinkled with inspiration, wisdom, truths, and lots of wit.

Fans of Sarah Pekkanen and Emily Giffin will enjoy Chase's style and this charming modern contemporary look at marriage and relationships, with acceptance, and hope.

"Perforation problems, by the way means to me also the holes that will always exist in any story we try to make of our lives. So hang on, my love and grow big and strong, and take your hits and keep going. "-Iggy Pop to a fan named Laurence, 1995

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