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The Passenger

The Passenger - Lisa Lutz

By:  Lisa Lutz

ISBN: 9781451686630

Publisher:  Simon & Schuster

Publication Date:  3/1/2015 

Format: Hardover

My Rating: 3 Stars

A special thank you to Simon & Schuster and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

From the author of the Spellman Files’ series, Lisa Lutz delivers THE PASSENGER, a crazy wild roller coaster wacky ride, with a complex leading lady, traveling cross country changing her identities, like a rock star.

Tanya Dubois leaves one man behind (her dead husband), who took a fatal fall down the basement stairs. Afraid everyone will think she pushed him, she decides to get out of dodge. First she toyed with disposing of the body and among others ways to cover up a crime. Then she imagines a trial and decides she will run.

Was he murdered, or did he fall by accident? She does not have time to wait until they come for her. Is she a killer? She says she did not do it, but of course she has no alibi. Frank had his gambling stash in his toolbox so this would be a start.

On the run, and living off the grid, with a new identity she begins her journey from Wisconsin to Wyoming, from New York to Washington State. She changes names, identities, hair color, and whatever she has to do to keep from getting caught.

From Tanya, Amelia, Debra, Emma, Sonia, Page, Jo, and Nora. All she wants is to be free. Along the way she meets plenty of characters, including Blue who is also on the run and others with unsavory pasts. Can she outrun her past? There is also the mysterious Ryan sending emails back and forth, which will keep the readers pushing on to get to the ending.

Tanya is so focused on running and changing identities you really do not know who she really is. Is she a pilot or passenger in her own life? Choices, detours, crossroads. Even though entertaining (crazy) in some ways, lacking in a number of ways-- to be labeled as a true psychological thriller. My first book by Lutz, so unable to compare to her previous books.


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