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Alexandria Series #2

Mary Ellen Taylor

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You are going to love revisiting Virginia with Mary Ellen Taylor (aka Mary Burton)--her second installment in the Alexandria series. Highly recommend the first book "At the Corner of King Street", and her other series: The Union Street Bakery.  Where you will always find something cooking. 


Taylor’s complex tale spans three families over two centuries and includes a dose of ancient magic, but the story remains grounded in fascinating history and emotional turmoil that is intense yet subtle. An intelligent, heartwarming exploration of the powers of forgiveness, compassion, and new beginnings.”
—Kirkus Reviews


“The second book in Taylor’s Alexandria series completes the story started in the first novel, and everything wraps up beautifully. Continuing characters from the Union Street Bakery series provides richer depth to the narrative. Themes of family, letting go of the past, and owning up to mistakes breathes life and emotion into the tale.”
—RT Book Reviews


The View From Prince Street

By:  Mary Ellen Taylor
Alexandria Series #2
ISBN:  9780425278260
Publisher: Penguin 
Publication Date: 1/5/2016
Format: Paperback

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Stretching from the 18th century to present day, THE VIEW FROM PRINCE STREET traces the intertwined histories of three Alexandria families. Taylor, author of At the Corner of King Street (a SIBA Spring 2015 Okra Pick) and The Union Street Bakery, draws once again on historic Alexandria, Virginia and its legends.  But this time, she trains her eye on the earliest days of the city, which were fraught with the specter of witches and family curses.



The binding of these three families is set in motion at the beginning of the novel, with the chilling arrival of Faith Shire at Patience Macdonald’s farmhouse in 1751. Soon after, a dangerous barter involving a child is arranged that will affect the clans for centuries to come.



Fast forward to present-day: after her sister’s death in a car accident, Rae McDonald’s teenage years were in turmoil.  Pregnant at sixteen, she found a loving couple to adopt her child—and then buried her grief under a heart of stone. Her sister’s best friend Lisa Smyth survived the crash, but never told the truth about it. As long-buried artifacts that link their family histories are unearthed, both women are forced to confront the secrets of the past. . . and take the first steps to a new future.



Throughout, one question arises: what boundaries will a mother cross to protect her child?  As the generations progress, each family will unearth the strange and surprising ties that bind them together—and the dark choices that led there.



About the Author


A southerner by birth, Mary Ellen Taylor’s love of her home state, Virginia, and its history is evident in the first of her first work of contemporary women’s fiction, The Union Street Bakery. Its protagonists, the McCrae family, own the establishment, part of Alexandria’s Old Town for more than 150 years. They returned in Sweet Expectations. In both instances their stories intertwine with those of the city and the nation, with mysteries rooted in the past. While the McCraes are not the focus of Mary Ellen’s latest books, the Alexandria Novels The View from Prince Street and At the Corner of King Street, she once again pulls past events into the present and sharing their impact on her characters and their lives.


Mary Ellen was born in Richmond and has spent most of her life there, but also lived in Alexandria for four years, which is when she fell in love with Old Town. She grew up in a family that embraced stories of all kinds, from a well-told anecdote to a good yarn or a tall tale. It may have been inevitable that Mary Ellen would embrace her storytelling heritage, walk away from her job and challenge herself to become a published author.


“I realized early on the tremendous power stories have to inspire laughter, love, sorrow and even fear. It didn’t matter if they were found in the pages of a book, spoken in hushed tones around a campfire, or shared at an old-fashioned family reunion. Stories created connections, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” says Mary Ellen.


In addition to writing, cooking and baking are important creative outlets for Mary Ellen and she’s been known to name recipes in honor of her characters. She recently earned her Baking and Pastry Arts Certificate at the University of Richmond’s Culinary Arts Program. “In some ways, I liken baking to my efforts as a writer. You need to learn the basic tools of the trade of both cooking and writing before you can push the envelope and create a distinctive sweet dessert or savory novel.” Her two passions —writing and baking—merged for the first time in bakery, Mary Ellen manages to slip in some food and tips about baking.


Mary Ellen received her degree in English from Virginia’s Hollins University. After a decade of working in marketing and sales, she left to devote her time to writing. Today, in addition to her books as Mary Ellen Taylor, twenty-three of her romantic suspense novels and five novellas written as Mary Burton have been published and have earned spots on The New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. The latest, Be Afraid, has just been published.


When not digging for mysteries in Alexandria’s history or arranging murders, Mary is involved with Sisters in Crime’s Virginia chapter and Coordinators2inc, a lifetime adoption resource organization. In fact, Mary explores issues of adoption and family in all four books, an interest which stems from her own family. Her grandmother was adopted as was her daughter.


Mary Ellen and her husband spend time alternately enjoying and lamenting their newly empty nest and spoiling their miniature dachshunds, Buddy, Bella and Tiki. Read More



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