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The Dance Begins

The Dance Begins - Diane Chamberlain
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date:  8/11/2015
Format: e-book (Novella)
My Rating: 5 Stars  
International bestselling author, Diane Chamberlain returns following sensational, The Silent Sister and Necessary Lies,delivering a tantalizing introduction prequel short story, THE DANCE BEGINS to her extraordinary new book,PRETENDING TO DANCE, coming, Oct 2015---Top Books of 2015! (Was fortunate to have read an ARC-review to follow)

Set in the mountains of North Carolina in 1982, outside Asheville in Morrison Ridge, a family owned compound of one hundred acres, we are introduced to the Arnette family. Graham- father, Nora-mother, and six-year old daughter, Molly and their extended family.

This is no ordinary family. Graham a remarkable man, psychologist, and author, with MS. His wife, Nora is a successful pharmacist, and Molly is the light of her father’s eye. They all enjoy their life on their land, and a springhouse (a special hideaway playhouse) for Molly.

Graham has a wonderful outlook on life, even with his disabilities. He believes in Pretend Therapy – visualizing, dancing, literature, and music. Molly loves her dad and lives to make his life as comfortable as possible.

In this inspiring beautiful short story, we get an inside look at the life of a special family and an extended family. A coming- of-age story of Molly, we get a brief introduction of her childhood, with an excerpt included, picking up with Molly, later in life in PRETENDING TO DANCE.

Having read all Diane’s books, and one of my favorite authors, she is known for her keen insights into social issues, emotions, family, and relationships. She once again delves into the tragedies of life, the strong bonds, and healing power of love.

Influenced by the author's former career as a social worker and psychotherapist, she writes suspenseful stories that will touch you, filled with mystery and intrigue. Buy both they will change you, with characters which linger long after the book ends.

Pretending to Dance

Coming Oct 6, 2015 

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