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The Night Ferry

The Night Ferry - by Michael Robotham
ISBN:  9780316252287
Publisher:  Mulholland Books
Publication Date:  7/14/2015
Format: e-book
My Rating: 4 Stars
A special thank you to Mulholland Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

After Michael Robotham’s sensational psychological thriller (March, 2015) Life or Death landing on my Top 30 Books of 2015, was thrilled for an opportunity to read THE NIGHT FERRY, which I missed the first publication— a fast-paced intriguing mystery into the dark world of evil human trafficking.

As the book opens, Alisha receives a note from an estranged childhood best friend, Cate, requesting her presence at the high reunion. Cate hates Alisha, since 1998; they have not spoken since. Alisha Barba is a Sikh and a London police detective. She's recovering from a serious back injury over a year ago, and she has not returned to work, and now that she is, not what she had in mind. She may now get more action and danger than she imagined.

She really does not want to go to the reunion; however, she goes to see what Cate desperately wants. However, before they hardly have a chance to catch up, a car comes out of nowhere and runs down Cate and her husband, Felix and she is pregnant. However, before she dies she whispers to Cate--someone is trying to take her baby and asks for her help to stop them.

In addition to the secrets, lies, and past, surrounding Cate's pregnancy, Alisha also has the complications of Cate’s family. Full of suspense, Alisha gets help from retired Inspector Vincent Ruiz as they follow the clues about Cate’s baby to Amsterdam. From human embryos, prostitution, human trafficking, and more in this intense chilling thriller—good versus evil; a story told by the "king of complex and multi-layered", with a unique style all his own--one of my favorite authors, when it comes to crime thrillers.

Loved the strong women taking readers from London to Amsterdam with illegal activities and some dangerous people who will stop at nothing!

Enjoying Michael Robotham’s writing and trying to make my way to read all his back list, as each is highly recommended for cop and crime thriller fans. In addition to the ARC, I also purchased the audio book, narrated by Clare Corbett, for an engaging and absorbing performance.

“Everyone thinks I'm so strong. They expect me to face autumns and winters like that and bitch-slap them down; make them come to heel. I'm not so strong. I only pretend.”

“One of the strange things about friendship is that time together isn't cancelled out by time apart. One doesn't erase the other or balance it on some invisible scale. You can spend a few hours with someone and they will change your life, or you can spend a lifetime with a person and remain unchanged.” ― Michael Robotham, The Night Ferry

PS. For those who have not read Life or Death, you get a sneak preview. Meet Audie Palmer . . . Robotham at his finest-- From literary, psychological, crime, mystery, thriller, suspense; conspiracy, drama, murder, racial and social injustice; love and loss—A tour de force of crime writing.
Close Your Eyes, Coming  8/6/2016  US
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