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Bum Rap

Bum Rap - Paul Levine
Series: Jake Lassiter #11
ISBN: 9781477829868
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Publication Date: 7/1/2015 
Format: Other 
My Rating: 4 Stars  
A special thank you to Thomas & Mercer for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. (Purchased audiobook, as well)

Paul Levine returns with BUM RAP (Jake Lassiter #11) with continuous wit, comic crime, courtroom antics, sexy Russian bar gals, legal, sleuthing, a southern street smart granny, a smoking gun and some hot Miami heat by combining heroes, Jake, Steve, and Victoria for a "laugh out loud" mystery thriller; especially for us South Florida residents and Levine fans.

Combining the best of his series, with characters: Jake Lassiter (State vs. Lassiter) and Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord (Solomon vs. Lord) Steve, was in the wrong place at the wrong time, trying to help Nadia, a Russian B-girl, get her passport and back wages from gangster Gorev. Steve finds himself in jail, accused of the murder of Gorev, when his life-partner and fellow legal partner, Victoria Lord, hires Jake Lassiter to represent him.

Jake, former NFL linebacker, turned sarcastic comedian lawyer, is thinking of moving to Vermont for an easier life, tired of dealing with the dirty justice systems and shifty clients in Miami. However, before giving up, he has to tackle some dirt and mud and takes one for the team. His scene in the bar with the Russian girls - hilarious!

Victoria Lord (hot and sexy), hires Jake Lassiter to defend her man and she may want more from Jake than his legal expertise. Then there is Benny the Jeweler, Club Anastasia, Russian mobsters, the FBI and tracking down Nadia.

Levine cleverly creates a fast-paced non-stop thriller, which keeps you laughing so hard with wit and comics you sometimes forget about the story and mystery at hand. Quite entertaining!

Prior to attaining the ARC, I had already purchased the audiobook, with double the pleasure--narrator Michael Levine, kept the suspense and humor at an all-time high—a roller coaster ride wild adventure.

An idea gritty read for some 4th of July fireworks, and a fun-filled weekend at South Beach!
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