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The Third Wife

The Third Wife: A Novel - Lisa Jewell
ISBN:  9781476792187
Publisher: Atria
Publication Date:  6/9/2015
Format: Hardcover 
My Rating:   4 Stars  
A special thank you to Atria Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

British author, Lisa Jewell, once again has a thumb on today’s marriage, relationships, and blended families in her latest complex and emotional psychological suspense drama, THE THIRD WIFE.

Three women have one thing in common – Adrian Wolfe, a man, a father, a current husband, and former husband for two different wives, and five children between two of the former wives.

Fifty year old Adrian, an accomplished architect, married to this third wife Maya, with no children has now lost his wife, as she stepped in front of a London bus and was killed. Mysteriously, it was late one night and she was drunk. Why was she drunk at this late hour? Suicide or accident? Was she going through something, or troubled in some way; perhaps hidden her issues from her family?

Now a year after Maya's mysterious death, Adrian is pondering what really happened to his wife. He begins to track the days prior to the event, to try and put together the pieces of the puzzle to help him understand what his wife may have been experiencing, leading to such devastation.

As the book opens, Adrian places an ad around town and in the papers trying to find a new home for Maya’s cat, Billie. This mysterious woman Jane sees him put the ad and pretends to want the cat, and begins visiting the home of Adrian. She appears to be a stalker. How does this woman fit into the mystery? Adrian has always found some sort of blemish in all of his wives and immediately finds one small one with Jane; however, he is taken with her. In the meantime, Adrian finds a number of disturbing emails on Maya’s computer.

As we hear from multiple viewpoints, we find Adrian thinks everyone is one happy family. However are they really? Susie, his first wife living in the country and mother of Cat, and Luke, both in their twenties (these two are not so easy). Adrian left his first family for glamorous Caroline, who resides in a beautiful city townhome with three children all under the age of twelve: Beau, Pearl, and Otis. Believe it or not, they all spend holidays together and share custody.

As Adrian begins diving into Maya’s death, things are not as perfect as he thought. To further increase the intensity and complexity, we hear from Maya’s point of view. How difficult it was to be childless and be a part of this overwhelming family. More hidden secrets are uncovered and Adrian is sure this stalker woman Jane, may somehow be connected.

As the suspense builds, Jewell is a master at creating psychological family drama, blending past with present for a mystery and a contemporary portrayal of today's blended family unit. A realistic psychological examination into the complexities and emotions of modern day families.

I can relate to the story, as I have been a first wife, a second wife, an ex-wife, (never want to be a third wife), happily divorced for more than twenty-five years; a mom of two boys, and a former stepmom of three boys and they all resided with us (when we married all boys were under the age of 15). There is no end to the daily complications, when you have this many people emotionally connected.

Fans of psychological suspense, mystery, women’s fiction, chick-lit, and family drama, as well as those who enjoy authors,Amy Hatvany, Sarah Pekkanen, and Jane Green will appreciate Lisa’s clever and skillful writing style, as she manages multiple perspectives with ease.

If you enjoyed THIRD WIFE, I recommend The House We Grew Up In, another winner by Jewell.


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