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Tox-Sick: Go From Toxic to Not Sick - Suzanne Somers
From Toxic to Not Sick
ISBN:  9780385347723
Publisher:  Crown Publishing 
Publication Date: 4/16/2015 
Format:  Hardcover 
My Rating:  5 Stars +  


A special thank you to Crown Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

TOX-SICK: From Toxic to Not Sick by talented Suzanne Somers, is a "must read" for all women and men of any age, and especially parents in today’s toxic world--from foods, belly fat, chemicals, to the environment; deadly. I read a number of books on this subject, due to my serious MCS, and severe food allergies; this is one of the best- highly recommend!

Toxins are the invisible enemy. They have invaded our lives, our homes, our places of work. You cannot see them but they are there wreaking havoc on our health and environment. We are exposed to more than six thousand common everyday chemicals and each of them come with a list of symptoms. Toxins have many ways of interfering with the normal physiology of life. We are all overloaded, and we have reached a breaking point.

From big business, government, FDA, drug companies (deceit); our water, our air, our food and its packaging; creating serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autoimmune diseases, thyroid issues, ADD, allergies, and the list goes on and on. Toxins can mimic and lead to all of these issues. These chemicals were not meant to be processed by the human body. "95% of cancer is caused by diet and the environment."

The purpose of this book is to unravel the mystery illnesses in your body and offer you the recipe for health, for change. We have to take a stand, and take control of our health. I am a firm believer, and is reiterated in in TOX-SICK. It is up to each of us, to control the amount of our individual toxic exposure. To live and thrive, we need to truly think about every product we use and every bite of food we take. (I do). No-drug solutions do exist. (I am living proof). Learning to detox your body is key to a better life to effectively fight and reverse the effects of this phenomenon. You have to rid your body of these toxins, and replace with nutrients to heal.

In addition to being a talented actress, advocate, and a successful business woman, Suzanne has always been my “go to” author for years, when it comes to health, fitness and wellness. I admire her passion, drive, and intelligence, in regards to healthy living. I am in total agreement – TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH by the choices you make regarding your diet and your lifestyle.

I am very obsessed with allergies, foods, toxins, wellness, and health facts. Having read ALL her books, she is my hero, as I devour each and every one of them. For the last fifteen years, I have been impassioned about learning how foods, medications, and our environment contributes to health; from toxins, allergies, to hormones. I appreciate how Somers incorporates and works with a list of highly trained medical professionals, and offers readers a wealth of information; nicely packaged, very informative, researched, useful examples, and summarizes each chapter with a wrap up. I particularly enjoyed the cancer parts, since my mom has colon cancer which has metastasized to the liver and the abdominal area, and in particular steps to take to rid the liver of toxins when taking chemo, as well as the myths of cholesterol and low fat deceptions. (also proactive solutions).

From the low-fat food movement, processed, sugar filled foods, plastics, chemicals, pesticides, toxic mold, overuse of pills, GMOs and EMFs, TOX-SICK addresses it all, and most of these we interact with daily (a scary thought).

Being in the same age range and growing up in the same generation, as Suzanne--I have experienced this toxic thing from childhood, teens, marriage, and child bearing, divorce to menopause. I am a stickler for researching medical information regarding my health, and have actually taken her bookshighlighting page after page and bookmarking to the doctors and specialists for my visits to discuss (thanks), among other information from online research. 

Knowledge is power. Just because the doctor says something, does not mean you do it. This is my pet peeve with friends and family. It is your body. Start with your food and what goes in to you body -pay attention.

Thank you Suzanne, for this insightful book. Many folks have begun taking a stand against our toxic world, with blogs, recipes, and education. I bookmarked so many pages in this book; some valuable information to refer to, time and time again. This is not a once read book.

On a side note: I am thrilled Panera Bread has taken the step recently with their cleaner journey mission; hope it will be an inspiration for others to follow, naming all NO, NO chemicals, additives, and preservatives in their foods; the ones which do not exist, and the ones which will be removed by 2016. Wow, think about it…if Panera has a list this long, can you imagine McDonalds or other fast food restaurants? Our children deserve optimum health and so do we!

We need more books like TOX-SICK to educate, create awareness, and help rid our toxic world of poisons, illnesses, and diseases. I highly recommend this book and all Suzanne’s books!   Read, study, and act now, as you can reverse the damage in your body by taking charge of your personal health and the choices you make from this moment on relative to diet and lifestyle. I urge readers to also visit ForeverHealth.com which offers a wealth of information.

In addition to Susan's books, if you enjoy this journey, would also recommend two additional books, both excellent references for a vegan and allergy-free healthy cooking lifestyle.

Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward
Cooking Allergy-Free by Jenna Short



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