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Cover Your Eyes

Cover Your Eyes - Mary Burton

By Mary Burton


Narrator:  Karen White 

Publisher: Audible Studios

Publication Date: 11/4/2014 

Format: Audio

My Rating: 4 Stars 


COVER YOUR EYES by Mary Burton is a crime mystery suspense thriller, with twists and turns, and a whodunit which will leave your head spinning.

Annie was a good-looking, blonde, sexy gal and all the men swoon when she walks into a room. She loves country music, a singer in local honky-tonk bars, looking for a chance to make it to the big time in Nashville. All the men want her, and offer her an array of promises. However, just when she thinks she may get it all, she is brutally murdered.

Jeb Jones, a man convicted some thirty years ago for Annie’s murder before DNA testing was available; however, now the case may be reopened when new DNA evidence is available.

Rachel, a tenacious attorney is out for the truth, to find the real murderer. Of course many do not want to stir the pot.

Homicide Detective Deke Morgan is now on the case of a bar singer, Dixie Simmons, with a similar murder relating to the one years ago. However, are these two cases related? Of course his father Buddy was the cop in charge of the previous case years ago.

As the intensity heats up, Rachel is attacked as she gets closer to mounting evidence. Someone wants to keep her quiet. Of course the Morgans kind of run the Nashville Police Department, and then there is also Georgia Morgan, a forensics technician called in to investigate.

Buddy Morgan was a hero of sort back in the day, and no one wants show any evidence that he could have put away the wrong man.

Wow, the audiobook was quite intriguing, and my favorite parts were those of Annie and her tidbits throughout the book. Readers only hear short notes, letters, and updates to her lover, called SUGAR and BABY. Love A. OMG, I am still hearing this southern voice saying SUGAR over and over in my head ….. Narrator, Karen White delivered a nice southern performance, true to setting. I kept saying….please who is Sugar? I liked the back story more than the present one; however the connection was well done.

Burton’s delivers a well- paced mystery and suspense, continuing to the end, keeping you guessing as to the identity of the murderer. Crime fans will enjoy this complex southern tale of whodunit, with some light romance.

Fans of Leslie Tentler, Nancy Bush, Lisa Jackson, Sandra Brown, and Tami Hoag will appreciate Burton’s style.


I recommend Burton’s upcoming book, BE AFRAID, 4/28/2015; just finished an ARC --another case of a murder set in Nashville between cases twenty-five years apart.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1228652686