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Threshold - G. M. Ford

By G. M. Ford
ISBN:  9781477822173

Publisher: Amazon/Thomas & Mercer 

Publication Date:  4/21/2015 

Format: Other

My Rating:  2 Stars 


A special thank you to Amazon/Thomas & Mercer and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

THRESHOLD by G.M Ford delivers a suspense thriller centered on Detective sergeant Mickey Dolan, whose wife has left him for another woman, a famous newscaster, and a girl who has extraordinary powers.

When Chief of Detectives, Marcus Nilsson requests Dolan to look into the disappearance of Cassie Royster and her two daughters, he agrees. Royster, a City Councilman, has been putting lots of pressure on the mayor to find his daughters. His bipolar ex-wife lost custody but went against the ruling to take the daughters from her ex-husband.

Grace Pressman has the ability to bring patients in comas back to the world of the conscious. Her mother, Eve Pressman, runs the Women’s Transitional Center, for battered women, to help women and children find safety.

To further intensify, Cassie and her daughters, Tessa and Maddy arrive at the center. Royster, of course has power on his side and has sealed the court testimony of his daughters’ detailed description of their abuse at his hands. Of course, Dolan cannot return the family to an abuser.

A novel of only four chapters, and switching back and forth between characters distracting; not an enjoyable read, a little confusing, and did not hold my attention. The powers of Grace (if you can believe), to bring back coma patients, and authorities are put into a position to choose between duty, morals, good, and evil. Even though I enjoyed Dolan's character, will have to pass on this one.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1210847859