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Three Twisted Stories

Three Twisted Stories: Go Deep, Necessary Women, Remmy Rothstein Toes the Line (Will Trent) - Karin Slaughter


By: Karin Slaughter

Narrator: Kathleen Early 

ISBN: 1483084663

Publisher: Blackstone Audio

Publication Date:  2/10/2015 

Format: Audio

My Rating: 4 Stars


When award-winning crime thriller author, Karin Slaughterwrites, her fans listen! When she says, “THREE TWISTED STORIES” is different, “it is”.

No worries, Karin still brings her bold, edgy, dark humor to a collection of twisted tales, with murder of course; and creativity and imagination only she can pull off!

You have to love her; being she is my favorite female crime author, and she lives and writes about Atlanta, another added bonus, since I spent most of my career there, before moving to Florida.

Three great tales wrapped in one small book – definitely worth the thrilling ride. As always, Kathleen Early delivers an outstanding performance, as well as Karin. I laughed so hard at the banter in the first one; some really good lines..  I needed a good laugh before a long day, taking my parents out of town to specialists at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital.  

This is my favorite story, by far! I wanted an entire book based on these characters. When listening to the audiobook, happened to be traveling, and sitting in a Starbucks drive thru. I was so engrossed in the book, I let another car get in front of me - literally in a trance; when I pulled up to the window the woman, stated my order was paid for by the person in front of me.Thanks, Karen for the free Café Americano and pumpkin loaf!

Charlie Lam owns an auto dealership in Atlanta, and has a wife and daughter who spends his money, and nearly seventy employees, and a girlfriend on the side. He has worked his butt off, no thanks to his mother and father. Now it is all about picking up a suit from the dry cleaners-with an important name. Simple plan, except it is not so simple. A fast paced crime story set in the seventies in Atlanta--Loved the gal at the car lot buying the mustang and the connection later!

In a town between Georgia and Alabama (I am thinking like Columbus, GA area), so can picture this setting. Dirt poor, a fourteen girl watches her mom die and of course her father is a trucker and gone for long periods of time. Prior to her mom dying he tells her mom about a boy she likes and her mom warned her to stay away, mentioning how she got pregnant and was unable to carry out her dreams, and stuck in this town; dead end jobs, and wants more for her daughter.

Now this gets a little twisted and where the dark humor comes in– you have to read it to learn what happens next - Surprise Dad, as daughter has some tricks up her sleeve. My second favorite.

Think Cajun and bayou, heat and Mindy, a gal searching for Remmy Rothstein. When she meets his half- brother (Jewish Buell Rabinowitz) Albino, Jewish African American, then Remmy’s mother, a nasty old woman with face hair. Then there is Remy – need I say more? Clever, funny –a hilarious search for the Longest Tongue in the World.

Wished more authors would write hallucinatory noir novellas, and short stories packaged together - so much fun.


Can't wait for upcoming PRETTY GIRLS, coming 7/21/2015.

 Hope I can manage to snag an ARC, as not sure I can wait!




In this electrifying new stand-alone thriller, New York Times bestselling author Karin Slaughter—“one of the best crime novelists in America” (The Washington Post)—delivers a chilling jolt of suspense. With a missing girl in the news, Claire Scott can’t help but be reminded of her sister, who disappeared twenty years ago in a mystery that was never solved. But when Claire begins to learn the truth about her sister, nothing will ever be the same.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1200697176